If you’re just here for the conforming loan limit news, $766,550 is the number for 2024.  

Does this mean no one can get a mortgage for more than $766,550?  No.  The conforming loan limit is the maximum amount that can be guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the government-sponsored enterprises or GSEs).  That guarantee has advantages in terms of the loan approval process and interest rates.  There are plenty of mortgage options for higher amounts or that are not guaranteed by the GSEs, but conforming loans account for a vast majority of new mortgages.

$766,550 is the base amount.  Higher cost areas have access to higher limits based on the average home prices in that area.  The county by county limits are listed separately, HERE. The highest tier is $1,149,825 (base loan limit x 1.5).

Where do these numbers come from?

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) is the regulator of the GSEs.  It publishes various home price data.  Once the data is in for the 3rd quarter (typically by late November), it is compared to the 3rd quarter of the previous year and home prices are adjusted by the corresponding amount.

In situations where home prices fall, the limit does not fall, but it will not rise again until home prices move back above the levels associated with the previous limit.  For instance, let’s imagine the loan limit was $700k, but prices fell enough to drop it to $600k.  The limit would remain at $700k year after year (even if prices were rising) until prices got back above $700k.

All that having been said, even after the deceleration in prices in early 2023, year-over-year numbers remain in positive territory.   The following chart includes the Case Shiller HPI which focuses on the 20 largest metro areas (it’s not used for conforming loan limit calculation, but it too is in moderately positive territory year over year).


Perhaps “moderately positive” wrong term.  After all, annual home price appreciation of 5.5% FAR surpasses the Fed’s 2% inflation target.  Combined with the highest rates in decades a little over a month ago, this speaks to the ever-present affordability problem.

How about FHA loan limits?  These have yet to be announced.  Last year it happened on the same day as FHFA.  In any event, the calculation is known.  FHA will be 65% of the FHFA Conforming Loan Limit or $498,250 (rounded from a calculated value of $498,257.50).